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Have you ever noticed that some individuals serve children out of duty without a sense of fulfillment and joy? Some serve children for a season—perhaps while their children are young—and then move on to serve in another ministry. Some serve children while the ministry is growing and well supported but give up when there are obstacles to confront.

But there are others who serve children with a “This (children’s ministry) fills my cup!” delight. Their ministry spans a lifetime, not just a season. They serve faithfully with vision, wisdom, and courage regardless of the challenges they face. The fruit of ministry is evident in the lives and testimonies of those they serve.

What makes the difference? I believe it is a sense of divine calling—a confident knowing that serving children is the “good works” that God created them to do and ordained that they should walk in (Ephesians 2:10).

Perhaps you’ve never felt that you were divinely “called” to serve children. Remember that God calls in different ways. Yes, He does sometimes call through supernatural means such as an audible voice or a miraculous event (i.e. Samuel and Moses). Sometimes he calls through relationship with another called one. Elisha served alongside Elijah. After several years when Elijah’s ministry came to an end, his anointing became Elisha’s. But God most often calls in a very practical way. He opens our eyes wide to a need. He fills our hearts with compassion that compels us to work with Him in meeting this need.

Bill Wilson, founder of Sidewalk Sunday School, a ministry that continues to reach thousands of children around the world each week, said, “I believe the need is the call. I did not respond to an audible ‘call.’ I responded to a desperate situation.” (Bill Wilson, Whose Child is This?)

Children’s ministry is a desperate situation because children, families, and even the volunteers who serve alongside of you desperately need Jesus! Have you said “yes” to a position, a responsibility but not to God’s divine call? Take a moment. Think about why you serve. Allow God to affirm your call to serve children. Remember, God’s Word is true. “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit—fruit that will last” John 15:16.

Contributing Author: Kathy Creasey

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