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Foundations for Kids

Foundations for Kids

Welcome to Foundations for Kids, a tool to teach children biblical, theological, and doctrinal truths that they can carry with them on their spiritual journeys. To help our children memorize, or echo, these truths, Foundations for Kids is designed using a simple question and answer format.

Each set of Foundations for Kids cards are color-coded according to theme; this will help you keep track of which set goes together. As you review the cards with your kids, you might find that it would be better to focus on one theme at a time. Questions are on the front of the card and the answers, along with Scripture reference, are on the back. The goal is to encourage children to memorize and repeat the answers to these questions. The Scriptures are available for the child to study them on their own if they wish. These Scriptures can be memorized throughout your program, as well.

This memorization can happen both formally and informally. Seek out intentional times to review these cards, as well as spontaneous moments when you can point back to these truths.

How to Use Foundations for Kids

At Church

  • Make the card sets easy to access. Have sets available at church where they can be pulled out when needed.
  • Distribute sets to all ministry leaders and children in your ministry so that everyone can be learning and growing together.
  • Decide when you want to use Foundations for Kids so that it works best for your ministry context. Some options might include:
    • Before class/ministry time
    • Learning center or activity
    • End of class before dismissal/pick-up
  • Be consistent in your methods and approach so that kids can know what is expected. Try not to overwhelm kids with memorizing a whole set at a time; focusing on one question per week or ministry session with some time for review is ideal.
  • Communicate with parents so that they can help reinforce the catechisms at home.
  • Celebrate! When kids have memorized a set, recognize this achievement. Perhaps you want to award them with prizes or points that they earn as they learn. Think of creative ways you can celebrate with the whole church; consider honoring children on a Sunday morning with certificates or a special time where they demonstrate their knowledge to the congregation. Certificates to present at the conclusion of each memorized set are available for free download or purchase online at

At Home

  • Each family member can have their own sets, or you can share one set as a family.
  • Have a simple routine. Try focusing on only one question and answer at a time until you complete a whole set.
  • Pick a time that you can review the cards regularly. Some options may include:
    • Bedtime
    • Before or after a family meal
    • Family devotion/prayer time
    • Car rides
  • Spend time talking and researching as a family. Discuss why that question or answer is important and spend time looking up the Scripture references that are found on the back of each card.
  • Keep it fun!
  • Have challenges to see who can memorize their answers first (Adults vs. kids, boys vs. girls, etc.).
  • Develop a reward system for the entire family to enjoy together when sets have been completed. Perhaps a family night out, an ice cream party, or even cooking a special meal.

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