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Developing Leaders, Discipling Kids

Our ministry exists to develop leaders who disciple kids! We fulfill this vision by providing quality and accessible training experiences, producing relevant resources for local church ministry, and cultivating a community for support and encouragement. Check out all we have to offer!

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Intentional Discipleship for All Ages

Taking care of plants is not my thing. I have tried to keep plants alive at times, but I always…

Echoing Faith to the Next Generation

We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord,…

Ministering to Children with Special Needs

What we do every week matters and the church has the opportunity to help and support the families of children…

Training for Everyone Serving Kids


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Change is Coming

Some changes are big. Other changes appear subtle but are bigger than we realize. For thirteen years, our mission has been “developing leaders, impacting kids.” These four little words have accurately captured our work and the resources we’ve developed to serve our global network in 135 nations.

On this month’s podcast, we announce a subtle change to our mission statement. Why the change? Because the Holy Spirit has called us to clarify our mission so that we are focused and intentional. It’s a mission that’s biblical and reflects the command of Jesus. It reflects a challenge to bring our kids into a relationship—with God and others—to develop a lasting faith and join us in reconciling the world to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

On this month’s “Developing Leaders, Impacting Kids” podcast, English-Language Training Specialist Joy Hensley and International Director Dr. Shaun McKinley share a bit about this subtle change we are making in the mission of International Children’s Ministries that will have a significant impact on our ministry moving forward. We invite you to listen in.


Membership Matters for Kids

Church membership places us in a loving community where we learn about God’s Word, fellowship with other believers, receive Christian care, and find opportunities to give and serve others in Jesus’ name. Covenant membership in the Church of God of Prophecy is open to all believing children.

The Membership Matters for Kids guide is intended for elementary-age children and is a companion to the Membership Matters course provided by the Church of God of Prophecy International Offices.