Introducing KidServe

The entire time Jesus was with His disciples, not only was he giving them knowledge or helping them to apply that knowledge to their lives, but he was also helping them learn to serve others. Teaching our children to serve adds a whole new dimension to their spiritual life. They begin to realize that everything is not about them! In fact, life should not be about us at all. Jesus modeled that life lesson for all of us through his death.

KidServe exists to teach children to give back to their community and to help others. Service within the framework of discipleship is not just about giving to others. It is about serving God and bringing glory to his name by reaching out others.  Jesus made it very clear that when do something for others, we are really doing it for Him!

Latest DLIK Podcast

The Most Important Single Ministry In Your Church
By Alan Nelson

Alan E. Nelson is a national expert in young leader development. After pastoring 20 years, he came to the conclusion that the best hope for the church (and society) is to identify and develop young leaders. He’s prototyped the world’s first executive caliber training curriculum for 10- to 13-year-olds, launching it through a non-profit called KidLead. Alan has a doctorate (EdD) in leadership from the University of San Diego and has authored 14 books, including KidLead: Growing Great Leaders. He is dad to three sons and lives with his wife of 29 years, Nancy, in Monterey, California.

Recorded: October 28, 2019, TeamUp

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