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Podcast for Developing Leaders Impacting Kids.

The Developing Leaders, Impacting Kids podcast is available on Apple iTunes and in the Google Play store. DLIK is a podcast all about sharing ideas, tips, and strategies to help you develop as a kidmin leader. Each episode features a favorite presentation from one of our training experiences. To download today’s show notes, click on the links below.


Episode 39: The Least of These Matters Most
Presenter: Dr. Wess Stafford
Episode 38: The Value and Spiritual Life of Children
Presenter: Dr. Abigail Velasquez-Spears
Episode 37: Elevating Child Discipleship
Presenter: Dr. Shaun McKinley
Episode 36: The CM Leader: Calling, Preparation, and Pursuit
Presenter: Dr. Shaun McKinley
Episode 35: Leadership 101
Presenter: Kim Batson
Episode 34: Sabbath, Solitude, and Silence
Presenter: Marsha Robinson
Episode 33: Growing in Prayer: Conversation with God for Anyone
Presenter: Dr. Brian Sutton
Episode 32: The Necessity of Fellowship and Community
Presenter: Dr. Cathy Payne
Episode 31: Maintaining Structural Integrity
Presenter: Duke Stone
Episode 30: Taking a Look Back at ICM 2021
Presenter: Shaun McKinley and Joy Hensley
Episode 29: Helping Kids Deal with Depression
Presenter: Eliette Garcia
Episode 28: Helping Kids Deal with Anxiety
Presenter: Dr. Morais Cassell
Episode 27: Too Small to Ignore
Presenter: Wess Stafford
Episode 25: The Progressive Children's Ministry Leader
Presenter: Esther Moreno
Episode 24: Calling Versus Assignment
Presenter: Kathy Creasy
Episode 23: Calling, Influence, Challenges, and Credentials
Presenter: Joy Hensley
Episode 22: Changing Your Spots
Presenter: Brian Sutton
Episode 21: Membership Matters for Kids
Presenter: Shaun McKinley and Panel
Episode 20: Burned Out or Fired Up?
Presenter: Bess Croyle
Episode 19: Membership Matters for Kids
Moderator: Shaun McKinley
Episode 18: From Playing to Praying: Teaching Kids to Intercede
Presenter: Kathryn Creasy
Episode 17: Amazing Insights from Jesus' Ministry to Kids
Presenter: Lance Colkmire
Episode 16: Helping Kids in Crisis
Presenter: Dr. Shelly Melia
Episode 15: The Holy Habit of Scripture Memorization
Presenter: Kathryn Creasy
Episode 14: The Most Important Single Ministry In Your Church
Presenter: Alan Nelson
Episode 13: Praise and Worship that Rocks
Presenter: Yancy
Episode 12: Making Your Church New Family Friendly
Presenter: David Rausch
Episode 11: Salvation, Then What?
Presenter: Dan Nixon
Episode 10: Transformational Children's Ministry
Presenter: Dr. Shelly Melia
Episode 9: Shining His Light Through Special Events
Presenter: Melissa Minter
Episode 8: How the Church Should Respond to Culture
Presenter: Melissa Minter
Episode 9: Shining His Light Through Special Events
Presenter: Melissa Minter
Episode 8: How the Church Should Respond to Culture
Guest Presenter: Brian Dollar
Episode 7: Big Events, Special Days, and Traditions
Guest Presenter: Cindy Hunnicutt
Episode 6: 10 Unconventional Ways to Stay Productive
Guest Presenter: Ryan Frank
Episode 5: Equipping Parents to Raise Godly Kids
Guest Presenter: Melissa Minter
Episode 4: Sharpened to Lead
Presenter: Brian Dollar
Episode 3: The Generation We Are Called to Reach & Love
Presenter: Dale Hudson
Episode 2: Discipling World Changers
Presenter: Melissa MacDonald
Episode 1: Engaging Kids in Kingdom Ministry
Presenter: Cindy Hunnicutt