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The Developing Leaders, Impacting Kids podcast is available on Apple iTunes and in the Google Play store. DLIK is a podcast all about sharing ideas, tips, and strategies to help you develop as a kidmin leader. Each episode features a favorite presentation from one of our training experiences. To download today’s show notes, click on the links below.

NEWEST! Episode 18:
From Playing to Praying: 
Teaching Kids to Intercede 
Presenter: Kathryn Creasy

Will we give our children the opportunity to “stand before the Lord” in intercession for nations, communities, families, individuals, and those dear to them?  Will we invite them to experience the authority and intimacy that comes when we come alongside the Father in intercession?  This podcast provides concrete ideas and resources to help you bring your children into the throne room of intercession.

Episode 17:
Amazing Insights from Jesus’ Ministry to Kids 
Presenter: Lance Colkmire

Episode 16:
Helping Kids in Crisis
Presenter: Dr. Shelly Melia

Episode 15: The Holy Habit of Scripture Memorization
Presenter: Tina Houser

Episode 14: The Most Important Single Ministry In Your Church
Presenter: Alan Nelson

Episode 13: Praise and Worship
that Rocks

Presenter: Yancy

Episode 12: Making Your Church New Family Friendly
Presenter: David Rausch

Episode 11:
Salvation, Then What?
Presenter: Dan Nixon

Episode 10: Transformational Children’s Ministry
Presenter: Dr. Shelly Melia

Episode 9: Shining His Light Through Special Events
Presenter: Melissa Minter

Episode 8: How the Church Should Respond to Culture
Guest Presenter: Brian Dollar

Episode 7: Big Events, Special Days, and Traditions
Guest Presenter: Cindy Hunnicutt

Episode 6: 10 Unconventional Ways to Stay Productive
Guest Presenter: Ryan Frank

Episode 5: Equipping Parents to Raise Godly Kids
Guest Presenter: Melissa Minter

Episode 4:
Sharpened to Lead
Presenter: Brian Dollar

Episode 3: The Generation We Are Called to Reach & Love
Presenter: Dale Hudson

Episode 2: Discipling World Changers
Presenter: Melissa MacDonald

Episode 1: Engaging Kids in Kingdom Ministry
Presenter: Cindy Hunnicutt