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Institutes of Children’s Ministry (ICM)

Institutes of Children’s Ministry are conducted each year throughout the world. The institutes encourage personal spiritual growth, training in ministry skills, and leadership development. Each Institute creates an environment that allows participants to experience anointed ministry, develop relationships with other children’s ministers, and be actively involved in learning and ministry.

The International Institutes of Children’s Ministry (IICM) is a ministry of the International Children’s Ministry Office. The overseer or director of Children’s Ministry of a nation may request that an Institute be held in their nation. The International Coordinator of Children’s Ministry then develops a team and curriculum based upon the needs in that country.

Children’s Ministry leaders from throughout the nation attend a three (3) to five (5) day Institute to equip them in ministry skills and leadership development.

One-Day Training Intensives

The need for more localized training of children’s ministers has led to the development of the one-day training intensives. The one-day training intensives also focus on helping volunteers and ministry leaders become skilled in the core competencies.

A one-day training intensive

  • Gives participants the opportunity to develop competency in a ministry skill through interactive learning, small group activities, and a question and answer session.
  • Offers children’s ministry training on-site at a local church or conference facility in a district or region.
  • Targets children’s ministry volunteers such as Sunday school teachers, children’s church directors, Vacation Bible School staff, youth camp staff and others volunteers who serve children.
  • Keeps registration costs lower so the entire ministry team of a local church can participate.

Host Information

FUNDING—A One-Day Training Intensive is funded through registration fees paid by participants. Registration fees provide a light lunch, teaching materials, interactive instruction and free resources. The local church or region hosting the event provides the training facility.

FACILITIES & EQUIPMENT—The sponsoring region or local church will provide the facility and needed equipment such as tables, sound, support personnel, and translation equipment if needed.

PROMOTION—The International Children’s Ministry office will promote the event by printing full color brochures for distribution by the sponsoring ministry. A letter can also be included with the brochure from the International Children’s Ministry Director, the Regional Overseer or the pastor of the sponsoring local church. However, the greater responsibility for promotion rests with the sponsoring local church or region. Please be persistent in promoting this training event to local churches and individuals in your area through the most effective means available.

CM Certification LIVE!

Children’s Ministry Certification is now offered in a live format for those who prefer an in-person experience with an instructor. Courses are taught in ten sessions, usually in a two-day intensive.  Participants learn through high-energy presentations, group activities, and quizzes. CM Certificate consists of two levels of mastery for the children’s minister, a basic competency level and a leadership level. Both levels are now available live.

Train the Trainers

Take training to a new level in your area! International Children’s Ministries Train the Trainers’ events are an immersive 4-5 day training offered to states, regions, or nations that provides the highest level of instruction to your potential trainers.

  • This training prepares men and women to deliver our dynamic content in relevant, applicable, and effective ways.
  • Participants receive training on how to assess the needs of their audience, design and develop course content, establish a positive learning environment, facilitate their courses, and evaluate their methods and instruction.
  • Potential trainers are provided with a mini-course to present to the audience and receive feedback from our master trainers on how to improve their skills.
  • This training does not offer children’s ministry-specific training but rather broad instruction for how to become effective trainers of adults.
  • Graduates receive a trainers certificate, as well as a 30-course Trainer’s Notebook complete with teaching outlines and student materials to present their own one-day training and institutes.