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Master Trainer

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You’ve seen the social media posts, White Wing Messenger articles, or heard the testimonies of our training team serving all around the world. You’ve likely gained practical skills from our teaching team through our Institutes of Children’s Ministry, Impact training modules, and one-day intensives.

As a children’s minister, you’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and skills from various sources and experiences. Perhaps you’ve felt called to support our vision of developing leaders in children’s ministry, desired to serve on a short-term mission trip, or want to share your passion for our ministry with others. You are not alone.

In an effort to enlarge our training team, fulfill more international requests for training, and fulfill our God-given mission, International Children’s Ministries is now offering a way for you to join our training team, immediately!

Qualifications of a Master Trainer

To keep up with the demand nationally and internationally for our training programs, we want to add individuals to our team that are called to serve, highly motivated, and focused on our mission. Therefore, the qualifications of a master trainer include:

  • Quality presentation skills
  • Interest in educating and developing others
  • Good writing skills
  • Teachable and able to follow directions
  • Professional appearance
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Passion to serve
  • Positive attitude
  • Able to travel internationally

The application process

If, after a time of examination, you desire to be a part of this training team, you are encouraged to initiate the application process and familiarize yourself with the required progression of preparation. The application process includes:

  • Completion of the Master Trainer Application Form
  • Submission of two Recommendation Letters
  • Submission of the Permission to Conduct Criminal Background Check Form
  • Submission of the Pastor Endorsement Form
  • Interview by the International Director of Children’s Ministries
  • Assignment to a Mentor

The role of a Master Trainer

The primary role of a Master Trainer is to prayerfully and skillfully equip those serving in ministries to children with necessary tools, practices, and resources to evangelize and disciple kids for Christ. Our trainers develop a broad spectrum of individuals, including those just beginning in ministry, as well as seasoned veterans who are serving in leadership positions within their states, regions, and nations. Our trainings…

  • Provide a biblical foundation and solid framework for children’s ministries.
  • Introduce the core competencies of a skilled children’s minister in the areas of evangelism/outreach, discipleship, technique, and leadership.
  • Equip trainers to multiply themselves in their respective geographical area and cultural context.

These trainings are provided through the use of carefully crafted lessons provided by International Children’s Ministries. These materials, taught under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and culturally appropriate, provide a replicable curriculum that ensures competent leadership around the world.

Trainings are presented on behalf of International Children’s Ministries, most commonly in the form of three-to-five-day intensives but may include one-day intensives, online course facilitation, and ministry to children at various events. The role of the master trainer may include leading instructional sessions at events, developing innovative programming, creating training content—including courses and reproducible training manuals—mentoring emerging children’s ministry leader, serving as an ambassador for children’s ministries on social media, and identifying other potential leaders. Trainer responsibilities also include logistical support for hosting training events.

Examine Your Motivation

If the endless possibilities and potential of serving as a master trainer pique your interest, the next step should be to thoughtfully, prayerfully, and honestly examine your underlying intentions for participating in this rigorous program. Participation should not be viewed as a logical next step in your ministry, an opportunity to travel, or opportunity to be in a visible place of ministry. The role of a master trainer should be reserved for those who are genuinely passionate about developing leaders, who inspire others concerning this ministry and embody excellence in teaching.

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements?

As an International Children’s Ministries Master Trainer, it is expected that candidates will have participated and/or be in the process of completing the training programs offered by our ministries. This criteria includes:

  • Completion of the Impact Certification Program
  • Participation in at least one Institute of Children’s Ministry
  • Taught in three areas of concentration at an International Institute of Children’s Ministry

Completion of the Impact Certification Program

All Master Trainers must have completed the ten training modules of the Impact Certification Program. These courses can be completed at any time and can include either the correspondence or online versions of the program.

Participation in at least one Institute of Children’s Ministry

All Master Trainers must have participated in at least one Institute of Children’s Ministry. The Institute of Children’s Ministry is conducted biennially in North America, and randomly throughout the year in various nations. This requirement can be met by attending any ICM.

Taught in three areas of concentration at an International Institute of Children’s Ministry

All Master Trainers must have presented courses in three areas of concentration at an International Institute of Children’s Ministry. Presently the areas of concentration include:

Spiritual Formation, Ministry Foundations, Classroom Management, Discipleship, Evangelism, and Technique. The teaching manuscript and supplies will be provided to the trainer. At the end of each presentation, the International Director of Children’s Ministries will critique the presenter in the areas of skillful presentation, faithfulness to the content of the course, and engagement with the audience. It is recommended that these three presentations not be during the same institute but spread across two to three international institutes.

Upon completion of the required documentation, each applicant will be interviewed by the International Director of Children’s Ministries. If approved for the program, the applicant will receive a formal letter of acceptance and invitation to schedule participation in an international institute (based on availability). The trainer-in-training will also be assigned a mentor for the process who will be available to guide them through their process, pray with them, and monitor their progress.

Formally applying to become a Master Trainer is an important part of the process; however, simply meeting the requirement criteria does not guarantee your place on the team. In addition to the qualifications above, the performance of the individual, desire to serve, teachability in the required skills for training, and communication skills are important factors in delivering our content and serving as a representative of our team.


There are no costs for applying to the Master Trainer’s program. Individuals are required to purchase Impact Training modules. However, if a financial hardship makes this difficult, scholarships are available from International Children’s Ministries. Trainers-in-training are expected to cover all costs associated with their participation in international institutes, including airfare, lodging, meals, and travel documentation. Where this may present a hardship, individuals are encouraged to seek sponsorships/offerings from their local church, communities, and friends to assist with costs.

Beyond the Training Program

Once completed, Children’s Ministries Master Trainers will be invited to serve at various training events and institutes throughout the year. They will be listed on the ministry website and offered as trainers to nations, regions, and states when requests are made. In some cases, they may travel as the solo trainer for International CM or may lead a training team. Where possible, some assistance will be provided for travel related costs.

Take the Next Step

While the master training program seems like a BIG step, doing your best work and working with our team could be the adventure of your lifetime! Each year, International Children’s Ministries equips thousands of individuals to serve the children of their churches and communities, making an impact for an eternity.

Are you ready to take the next step and apply to join our master trainer’s program? Simply visit to begin the process!