Longevity in Children’s Ministry
Cathy Baggerly

Kids and Theology
Julia Ball

Five Measures of a Healthy CM
Nick Blevins

Teaching Kids to Serve
Michelle Brooks-Young

Children’s Ministry
in the Small Church

Dr. Rick Chromey

Ministry to Children
in the Altar
Lance Colkmire

A Life Without Lack
ICM 2019
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How the Church Should Respond
To Culture
Brian Dollar

Leading Kids Through
Tough Topics
Brian Dollar

Helping Your Church Love
and Serve Outreach Kids
Karrie Endecott

For Pastors: Preaching with
Kids in the Room
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The Amazing Influence
of Grandparents
Larry Fowler

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Kathy Green

Hindsight is 2020,
Foresight Determine Direction
Ryan Green

Engaging Kids in Serve
Beth Guckenberger

Joining Kids on
the Discipleship Journey
Joy Hensley

Hiding God’s Word
In Their Hearts
Tina Houser

Instant and Free Resources
Tina Houser

Offering First Time Families
A Great Experience
Dale Hudson

Passing Faith From
Generation to Generation
Cindy Hunnicutt

Appreciating Your Volunteer
Sandy Knowles

Five Invitations to Become
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Dan Lovaglia

The Prayer Covenant
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Candy Marballi

DIY Props and Backdrops
on a Shoestring Budget
Joe McCullough

Slaying the Goliaths:
CM in the Smaller Church
Shaun McKinley

Leadership Trends and Transitions
Dr. Shelly Melia

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A Biblical Worldview
Melissa Minter

Shining the Light Through
Special Events
Melissa Minter

Four Ways to Partner with Parents
Matt Morgan

Developing A Family Ministry
Dr. Josh Mulvihill

Children’s Church or
Children in the Church
Trey Nini

The Epidemic of Bullying
Amber Payne

Ministering to
Special Needs Children

Pentecost Theological Seminary

What is Discipleship?
Chris Quinn

Making Your CM
New-Family Friendly
David Rausch

Tips for Large Group Teaching
David Rausch

Taming the Tech Monster
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What Does the Pastor
Expect from CM?

Brian Sutton

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Leadership Team
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Lessons I’ve Learned from
Bob the Tomato
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