Kids Can Serve…

God has long been in the business of using young people for the glory of His kingdom.  In Genesis chapter 37 we read how He used Joseph. Only a youth, with fantastic dreams, God’s hand was upon Joseph. God would use Joseph, as His vessel, to show His love to all mankind.  Through him he would save the entire known world of the time. In 1 Samuel chapter 17, we read how the Lord uses a young shepherd boy to slay a giant with only a rock and sling shot. In Luke chapter 1 we read how God fills the first two people with the Holy Spirit. Confirming the Messiah, the Savior of the world, through Elizabeth and her unborn baby. Yes, God uses the unborn, in light of what our world today tries to convince us, He uses every life.

News reports tell us that current research shows that our young people are easily found to be the largest and growing populous to be depressed and hopeless. Why such a heavy shroud of darkness upon our children? The enemy of our soul is trying his best to destroy our children and he is targeting them at younger ages than what we have ever witnessed. Why is this happening? Our adversary knows that if he can acquire our children at a young age, he can wipe out the perfect will of God. Satan wants to destroy that strategic journey that God has planned for each and everyone. The same journeys that glorify His kingdom, exactly as He purposed for Joseph and David.

Look up! Literally and Physically. There is good news. All is not lost. Statistics tell us that the best way to return hope and joy, to anyone no matter the age, is to help someone else. Our children may ask, “What can I do and how? I’m too little?” Absolutely not! Yet another lie that our foe uses to stop us, but we will not be deterred. Here are a few ideas to get your children involved in helping others. Most of these volunteer situations can easily be found in all communities.

  1. Homeless shelters provide an opportunity, for parents and church children ministers, to involve children in serving. There are different capacities of feeding the less fortunate, in which, children can volunteer their time and effort.
  2. There are organizations that will allow you to collect and to help assembly necessities for homeless living on the streets. They will also allow your group to go out on the streets to distribute these bags.
  3. Food banks allow opportunity for children to come and help fill boxes of food to be handed out to needy families or help pack boxes to be loaded on trucks going to areas where natural disasters have occurred. Your children can always start a food drive at your local church to collect food and donate to the food bank, as well.
  4. Habitat for Humanity is another outlet that children can volunteer their efforts in several different capacities. Check with your local Habitat for Humanity office to find out what opportunities are available for your children’s ministry group.
  5. Children learn best from their peers. Check with your local schools to see if they have a peer study group or help lab for children to lend their knowledge to their fellow classmates.
  6. There are usually services that collect clothing several times through the year (around the changing seasons). Have children start a clothing drive to collect clothes to donate. Global Missions Ministries at the International Offices also collects clothing items for the Mission Clothes Closet at the International Assembly. These items are given to ministers, overseers, and their families serving the church abroad.
  7. International Children’s Ministries has opportunities to partner with missions through KidServe. These include the opportunities for our children to partner with our organization to raise money for our brothers and sisters globally.

These ideas are just a few places to start your endeavors. You will find that your children will come away from these experiences with a new sense of gratitude, hope and joy. The shroud of depression will be replaced with a garment of praise on many levels.

—By Melissa Dickerson, Children’s Minister, (Rickman, Tennessee COGOP)