Making Christmas Memorable

With each season that occurs throughout the year, change tends to come as well. Things begin to look different: flowers bloom, leaves fall, and the temperature increases and decreases depending on where you live. As the Christmas season approaches, there are also changes that take place. Yes, we see the physical changes such as decorations and lights that fill children with excitement and anticipation, but most importantly there is a reminder of eternal hope that comes through the birth of Jesus.

One of the most beautiful things about Christmas is that it not only highlights the coming of Jesus as a baby, but it is a reminder that we can be excited and filled with that same anticipation because Jesus is indeed coming again! Many times when we are teaching children, it can be easy to overlook the sacredness and the awe and wonder of this deep theological truth. If we begin to connect these dots to the children and families in our ministries, we are instilling them with something that goes far beyond a holiday season and deep into their hearts, minds, and hopefully their households.

The arrival of Jesus changed everything. He was constantly challenging those He encountered to live their live differently and to serve others. This Christmas season, let’s strive to display to kids the awe, wonder, and excitement Jesus brought to the world.

Ideas You Can Use

Celebrate Advent

One of the best ways to teach kids about the anticipation of Christ’s birth and return is through the celebration of Advent.

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Create a Jesse Tree

This is a unique spin on the traditional Christmas tree. A Jesse tree is a way to teach children the salvation story from the beginning of the Bible.

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Give to Others

Christmas is a wonderful time to step away from the normal pace of life and think about others. Whether you are a children’s minister or a parent, you can create windows of opportunity for kids to help other people.

Giving Ideas

Prayer and Praise Ornaments

It may seem simple, but Christmas is a good time for children to reflect on their year and what is to come in the year ahead. Have children create prayer and praise ornaments as a reminder of all that God has done.

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Community of Faith

The Christmas season is not just for kids; it is for all people! During this special time of year, let children spend time with believers that are older and younger than them.

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Christmas Nativity Scene

Teach the Story

In the hustle and bustle of the season, sometimes we get so busy crafting and giving that we forget to teach the story of Jesus’ birth. Lots of magnificent details can easily be overlooked.

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cogop_smaller-2008Contributing Author: Joy Hensely

Joy is the Associate Pastor of Children at Spring Place Church of God of Prophecy. In July of 2016, she completed her Master of Arts degree in Ministry Studies from Lee University. Her desire is to develop and build relationships with children, their families, and volunteers that point them not only towards a growing relationship with God, but also fulfilling God’s call for their own lives.


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