International Children’s Ministries Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus has created an environment of uncertainty, confusion, and disruption for many of us.  Daily life is changing as we heed the advice of health professionals and comply with governmental mandates to minimize the spread of the virus.

International Children’s Ministries is committed to supporting families, children’s ministry leaders, and local church ministries during this crisis. Over the past few days, our team has given attention to this issue by providing the following tools and resources:

Blog (English and Spanish): “Helping and Serving Kids During Coronavirus” – This blog offers simple, practical ideas for guiding children physically, spiritually, and emotionally through this important time. Links are also provided to additional resources.

Facebook Live (English and Spanish): “Talking to Kids About Coronavirus” – This video, recorded with Dr. Michael Hernandez (Family and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist/Director of Accredited Ministries Development) shares ideas for helping kids cope with their emotions during this health crisis, as well as best practices for local children’s ministries in regards to hygiene and cleaning procedures/policies.

Trusting God: Home Discipleship Lessons (English, Spanish, and French) — Beginning March 18, Children’s Ministries will be releasing eight weekly discipleship lessons that parents can do with their children in their home. As families are being isolated, it is our desire to equip them with tools to guide their children biblically. These lessons, all developed around the theme of “Trusting God,” can be a valuable resource and perhaps bring families closer together while building their faith in God.

There is much more we wish we could do to help our global Church family in this uncertain time. It is our hope that these resources help our constituents as they navigate the challenges of parenting and serving kids during this virus. Please, share these resources with your leaders. As ministry partners develop additional resources, we are making those available through our social media pages.

We are praying for you and those you serve! If we can assist you in specific ways in the days ahead, please contact our team at