Children who are praying NOW!

In this months’ blog, we want to share three stories about children in Jamaica who believe that God hears the cry of their heart.



Antonio is ten years old. He gave his life to the Lord and was baptized on March 21, 2017. Antonio believes in the power of prayer.  His friend Timani had to have an eye surgery recently.  He asked his mother and sister to help him pray for Timani because he wanted the surgery to be successful. His mother and sister joined him in prayer.  His friend Timani’s surgery was very successful.  He is very happy because he knows that God answered his prayers!


/var/folders/p9/2xdg4v_15hd_6lqs8xbm8dnr0000gn/T/ is nine years old. She is from St. Catherine West Jamaica.  She believes that God has given her the gift of praying.   She loves to pray for people, especially when they are sick.  She remembers her grandmother asking her to pray for her whenever she was not well. Her grandmother would feel better after she prayed.  She believes that God is using her to pray for people. Martina states, ”I feel blessed to know that God can use me to pray for others.”