Alabama Campers Declare His MARVELOUS Works!

Crash! Boom! Pow! “Marvelous” was the theme of this year’s Pee Wee Camp in the state of Alabama, held June 23- 26, 2019 at beautiful Camp Boothe locate just outside of Birmingham. This year’s camp was directed by Pastors Stacy and Valerie Tuttle. The theme was based on Psalms 96:3 (ESV), “Declare his glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples!” Cabins and gathering areas were colorfully decorated to reflect a superhero environment.

The camp provides an introductory experience for children, many of whom were attending for their first time. Throughout each day, the campers enjoyed devotions, team competitive events, classes on relationships (anti-bullying) and spiritual disciplines, participated in elective clubs, and afternoon chapel services.

A highlight of the late evenings were events crafted particularly for boys and girls. The girls enjoyed a late-night slumber party with snacks, music, dancing, and pampering. The boys enjoyed an after-hours s’mores cookout and activities. Late night swims were also planned for each group separately.

International Children’s Ministries Director Shaun McKinley served as camp evangelist and invited the children to join the “Jesus League.” Using the stories of fictional superheroes, each sermon transition to share the experiences of real-life superheroes like Peter who walked on water and Mary Magdalene who first saw the risen Jesus. The campers enjoyed a mix of high-energy and intimate times of worship. At the conclusion of the week, 22 campers reported having accepted Christ as Savior, three sanctified, one filled with the Holy Ghost, 4 healed, and one called to the ministry.

Alabama Pee Wee Camp provides campers with the unique opportunity to spend a time of “processing” each day’s service in small groups with their cabins. Children are asked to write what God is speaking to them personally and how they will apply it to their lives. Many of their responses tell the full story of what God accomplished during this camp:

“I’m going to have the courage and tell my mom and dad that I’m praying they will stop using drugs.”

“I’m going to tell others about Jesus.”

“God wants me to spend more time with Him.”

“He told me to stop being mean to other people.”

“God said he is always with me even when I am scared.”

“He told me He forgives my sins.”

“God told me He wants me to be a preacher for Him!”