Leadership Spotlight: Meet Abigahil Avila

Children’s Ministries in Honduras is setting a high standard for excellence as it casts a broad vision, develops leaders, trains volunteers, impacts communities, and serves children. In the past two years, the nation has reached over 57,000 children with the gospel of Christ through outreach events and Bible clubs. In that same time, over 300 people have completed an intense certification program for children’s ministers with more than 155 churches establishing or strengthening their ministries to children.

This work is being achieved under the skillful leadership of Abighail (Abi) Avila, national director of Children’s Ministries. Abi has served in this role for seven years, during which time she has collaborated with International Children’s Ministries to adapt training materials and conduct leadership conferences that have impacted not only Honduras but much of Central America.

“Our vision is to develop leaders who provide a safe ministry, based on biblical values, that develops fully devoted follows for Jesus,” says Abi in a recent interview. “If we do so, we believe that children will be saved, they will grow in a personal relationship with Christ, they will be actively integrated into the life of the church using their talents for Him, and they will be witnesses to those around them.” Abi summarizes her mission as “Developing Leaders to Impact Lives.”

Many tools have been employed to develop leaders throughout Honduras. Primarily, Abi has taken the “Train the Trainers” program offered by International Children’s Ministries and restructured it into a 12-month “Impact Institute.” As a part of the institute, leaders gather once a month in locations throughout the nation for a full day of training facilitated by a qualified leader. Each training presents content on ministry foundations, classroom management, discipleship, evangelism, and teaching techniques. To date, two institutes have completed a full year with more than 300 graduates.

Abi says “A leader is someone who guides the people of God toward the vision God has given them. I know that God has called me, and I seek only to do His will. I believe that God is doing something unique in this generation and I am privileged to serve His purposes.”