Materials: 2 food items, 2 cups of water, 2 pieces of clothing, 4 toys, 2 balls

Preparation: Place all of the materials on a table.

Presentation: Say,  Have you ever heard someone say they wanted or needed something?  Can you name something you want? Allow your child to answer. Can you name something you need?  Allow your child to answer.  Sometimes it is hard to remember that the things we want are sometimes different from the things we need. We need food, clothing, and shelter.  Those are things we need to live.  There are also things we want, like toys, but we do not need them to live.

Ask your child to divide the items into two piles: things people want and things people need.

Say:  God has promised that He will provide everything we need. He will not give us everything we want, but we can always trust Him to provide what we need.

Invite your child into a time of worship, you might sing familiar songs of praise or use your own CD, album, or media player. A number of worship songs are available through online sources like Youtube and can be played through your computer, tablet, or mobile device. The following songs might be familiar and correspond with this weeks lesson:

Preparation: Write Philippians 4:19 on a piece of paper.

Write each word of Philippians 4:19 on a separate piece of paper and attach them to the wall. If you are outside, attach the papers to a piece of string.

Explanation: Read Philippians 4:19 with your child. Say:  This Bible verse contains a promise.  Can you underline the promise?  Allow child to underline the phrase, “And my God will meet all your needs.”  The second part of this verse tells us that God will meet our needs out of the riches of glory that come from Jesus.  Since there is no end to the riches or glory of Jesus, there is no end to God’s provision for you.  He will meet your needs. 

Memorization Activity: One at a time, ask your child to remove one word of the Bible verse from the wall or string.  Each time a word is removed, read the verse with the child, asking him to remember the missing words.

Preparation: Read and study Exodus 15:22-25 and 16:1-36. Access the video link “Water, Manna, and Quail” at

Presentation: Say, Do you remember the story about God parting the Red Sea for the Israelites?  Moses was the leader of the Israelites during that time.  There’s an interesting story in the Bible about how God provided for their needs. Watch the video. 

Materials: Paper, poster board, crayons or markers

Preparation: Write “God Provides” at the top of a sheet of paper for child.

PresentationL Say, We can trust God to provide what we need.  Let’s make a list of things that God provides for us on this poster board. Write down the child’s suggestions. Be sure to emphasize the difference between our needs and our wants.  When finished, ask child to draw three things that God has provided for them.  

Materials: Paper, scissors, pencils

Preparation: Cut the paper into the shape of a piece of bread. Make one for each child.

Presentation: Say, Just like God provided water and food for the Israelites, He will provide everything you need.  Can you think of a need you have right now? Give your child a bread-shaped piece of paper. Ask her to write her need on it.  If your child cannot think of anything they need personally, ask them to write down the need of a friend. You might also share needs of children in other countries.  Place each of the papers in a bowl and pray for God to provide for these needs.