Share your vision for family worship with your pastor, and work together to find an opportunity to share that vision in your local church. Remember to choose a time when you can reach the most parents. If you are going to communicate your desire to support parents in training their children, talking to a mom who is juggling a crying baby and a whining toddler is not going to be successful. Vision casting to parents works best when they are not distracted, so choose a time when your church provides a separate ministry time to children. In my local church, this would be during a Sunday morning worship service.

When talking to parents, be sure to use language that is encouraging. Avoid phrases that cast blame or guilt:

Parents aren’t using the papers and materials I send home.
Parents should be the ones teaching their children at home, and it’s just not happening.
We have so little time at church to teach children, and parents have the whole week.

While those statements may be true, they are not going to help you accomplish your goal. Instead, use phrases that demonstrate your desire to help.

We know that the task of raising children can be hard. We want to help.
Your church is here to support you as you teach your children about Jesus.
Each child in our church is so special to God. Thank you for allowing us to minister to them each week.
We want to work with you to help your child grow to love Jesus even more.

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