resurrection scene 2

A few weeks before Easter, help children prepare a resurrection scene to display in their homes.


Paper plate (to represent the tomb)

white or brown paper

pictures of soldiers, Jesus, men, and women. (You can find these online.)

Cardboard or cardboard tubes


1. Cut the paper plate in half. Cut an “entrance” to the tomb in one half. Glue the halves together to make the tomb. (See picture)

2. Crumble white or brown paper and place it in front of the entrance.

3. Cut out or draw people related to the Easter story (Jesus, Mary, soldiers, etc.) and color them.

4. Attach strips of cardboard to the back of the people, folding to make a stand. You can also attach them to cardboard tubes.

5. Have the children practice telling the Easter story using their scene.

6. Encourage parents to display their child’s scene and refer to it often in the weeks approaching Easter.


Printable Version of a Resurrection Craft Option 1

Printable Version of a Resurrection Craft Option 2


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