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Prayer stations are simply a way to guide children’s prayers.  You provide them with an activity and prayer focus.

Thank You Prayer Station

Supplies:  paper, crayons, markers, stickers

Activity:  Children make a thank you card for something specific God has given/done for them.

Prayer Requests/Prayers Answered

Option 1
Supplies:  A bulletin board or poster that can be accessed each week, post-it notes, pencils/pens

Activity:  Divide a bulletin board into two sections: prayer requests and prayers answered. Allow children to write prayer requests on post-in notes and place them on the prayer request side. When God answers their prayer, they can move it to the prayers answered side.  (Remember to move requests that were answered as “no” by God, such as someone dying.  God answered in a different way than we wanted, but He answered. This is part of teaching children about the sovereignty of God.  His ways are not our ways!)

Option 2
Supplies: Construction paper cut into strips, pencil/pens, tape

Activity: Allow children to write prayer requests on strips of paper. Keep them in a small basket. If your group is small, you can revisit the requests each week and pray for them as a group. If you have a larger group, pass out the slips each week and ask children to pray for the request written on the paper. Be sure to collect them when everyone has finished praying.  When the requests are answered, use the tape to create a paper chain of answered prayer.  Hang it in the room so children can see a visual reminder of what God has done.

I once had an answered prayer chain that stretched many feet back and forth across the room!

Giving my Worries/Problems to God

Supplies: small ball or block for each child, a container with the word “God” written on it, tape to create a path.

Activity:  Use tape to create a winding path in your classroom.  At the end of the path, place a container labeled “God.”  Give each child a small ball or block to hold.  Ask them to imagine that the block is a worry that they have.  Give them time to pray and ask God to take care of their worry/problem. When they are ready to give their worry to God, they should walk the path and drop their worry object into the “God” container.  Remind them that they can now walk away knowing that God will take care of their worry/problem.  Share I Peter 5:7 with the children, “Casting all your care upon Him; for he careth for you.”

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