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Celebrating a traditional Passover Seder meal can add great significance to Easter for children. This is the meal prepared by Jews during Passover to remind them of the Israelites’ deliverance from slavery in Egypt. It is also the meal Jesus would have eaten in the upper room with his disciples. Each traditional food served during this meal can also have special significance for Christians. For example, lamb is the meat served to remember that it was the blood of the lamb that caused the death angel to pass over the homes of the Israelites. The Bible calls Jesus “the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world”, and it is his blood that saves us from death.

Research how to prepare this meal and the significance of each part. It does not have to be a full meal but can simply be a “mini” meal with very small portions. Because grape juice and bread were a part of Passover that foreshadowed Jesus, children also begin to see the connection between Passover and communion.

You can observe this tradition of the Passover Seder meal in children’s ministry, at a family event, or with your entire congregation.

Click the links below for information on how to create a Passover Seder event.

Passover Seder Meal Instructions Option 1

Passover Seder Meal Instructions Option 2


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