structure-structureThe organizational structure of the Church of God of Prophecy exists and operates at three interdependent levels-international, national/regional/state, and local.


The Local Level

structure-localNot only are biblical truths such as repentance, regeneration, sanctification and holiness of life preached, but they are lived out in local churches around the world. The local level is the heartbeat of the church, providing caring congregations in the thousands of cities, towns, and communities around the world where the church’s mission is carried out on a daily basis. These local bodies of believers form the framework within which the church meets its objectives of worship, evangelization, equipping believers, and preparation for Christ’s return.

Local churches are led by a qualified licensed pastor, appointed by the respective overseer who works in cooperation with the local body. The pastor serves as the spiritual and administrative leader of his congregation, and seeks God’s direction for shepherding the flock.

State/Region Level

structure-state_regionThe national / regional / state level provides more focused leadership and support directly within the context of the nations, regions, and states where the church is at work.


International Level

structure-intlThe international level of the church organization functions on a worldwide basis and provides a global network of support and interaction for the church’s ministries in all 50 United States and 128 other nations.


The International Assembly

structure-cogopEvery two years, leadership and laity from around the world come together to form the International Assembly, the doctrinal decision-making body of the Church.

International Assemblies address ongoing Biblical revelation as well as International practical concerns and provide a vehicle for the movement to corporately receive direction as a church family. This week-long global homecoming, open to all, provides every church member an opportunity to participate with equal voice in business proceedings as well as be enriched by diverse, Spirit-filled ministry from around the world.

At all levels of organization in the church, efforts are being made to retain a dynamic flexibility in order to avoid stagnation. In increasingly complex and ever-changing societies, the ability to remain relevant to people’s needs is dependent upon the ability to respond to societal change in a positive manner without compromising truth. God is dynamic, not static; He is a God who moves and acts in the affairs of mankind. The church is committed to be a mobile and pilgrim people who move when He moves and who stop when He stops, thus, the organizational structures described below are currently serving our mission, but they are subject to review and revision as God’s Holy Spirit may direct.