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Our success relies heavily on the relationships that we are able to establish and nurture. Good relationships are built through communication and founded in trust and respect. When we can create positive communication environments, we provide a safe place for people to share their feedback and give people a platform in which they can collaborate with one another. New approaches to training, collaboration with others, and increased connectedness to one another will enrich our ministries.


Establish a culture of accountability among leaders.Improve relationships within leadership globally.


  • Establish new and strengthen existing relationships between and within all levels of COGOP leadership.
  • Establish new and strengthen existing relationships with academic and non-academic partners.


Increased trust and respect
Trust and respect are the foundations of any good relationship. When we trust and respect one another, we can communicate more effectively to strengthen bonds, form new ones, and solve issues we face. By developing a strong relationship among leaders and with key academic and non-academic partners, we can also improve our stance in the world we are trying to impact.

Improved teamwork
We know that solid organizational performance comes from an effective, high functioning team. At the core of such a team is how each person works together. We will strive to develop authentic and strong relationships with each other as we work together to promote and achieve our mission.

Increased leader engagement and retention
The strategic planning survey revealed that many leaders feel disconnected from the international offices and lacking the support needed. Our leaders will feel more connected and supported as we engage them in LDD training opportunities that encourage interaction, building of relationships, and giving feedback. When leaders feel connected and supported they will be less likely to leave ministry.