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Alignment among individual ministries and organizational levels (i.e. local, state, regional, national and continental) is critical if we are to communicate and achieve the goals set forth in this strategic plan. We all must move in the same direction to be successful. To ensure alignment, we will create standards for content development and review. We will also create a pathway that will engage our leaders in continuous learning and development.

We will strive to be a cohesive unit setting aside our personal agendas and working toward a shared mission. We are committed to creating team unity by working collaboratively and being accountable to our shared values.

Establishing and maintaining alignment includes consistent communications between IO leadership and our constituents. We will strive to do this through newsletters, social media, websites, and any other means of communication available to us.


Create alignment within LDD ministries.


  • Establish and implement standards for all content development
  • Develop a standardized and comprehensive pathway for continuous growth
  • Create content that can be utilized as minimum required training for leaders
  • Establish a global committee to review and approve new content


Mission focused operations
The goals, objectives, and expected outcomes for LDD are all aligned with our mission, which creates a common understanding of expectations throughout the Church. These direct linkages to the mission also create a cascading process that fosters enhanced communication, increased engagement, and more efficient and effective operations.

Ability to retain leaders
People like to see a path toward progression. Learning pathways help to accomplish this progression and give our leaders a sense of where they are and where they can go in their leadership development. Additionally, by providing more consistent and accessible continuing education opportunities, we will be able to better engage and retain active and equipped leaders in our Church.

Clear opportunities for best practices
LDD leaders will establish and foster cross ministry collaboration to achieve common goals and objectives and resolve challenging issues that we face as an organization. The lessons learned and outcomes of these collaborative efforts are captured, collected, and shared across the Church as a way to showcase and strengthen the collaborative process.