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One of the most spectacular markers in Fields of the Wood is the gigantic Ten Commandments spread across the face of Burger Mountain. The letters spelling out the commandments are five feet in height and four feet wide. The marker is visible from five thousand feet in the air. The Ten Commandments are bordered with one foot concrete sections measuring three hundred feet from side-to-side. Included in the border are small sections at the foot of the mountain with concrete letters which read, “Major Prophets” and “Minor Prophets”. Centered below are replicas of the Church of God of Prophecy flag and the United States flag. The visitor that chooses to take the challenging climb to the top of the mountain will climb 326 stairs. If you add the second wing of stairs and those that lead to the top of the New Testament Outlook, you will have climbed a total of 358 steps. After you reach the top, take a deep breath and then take in the spectacular view. On a clear day the view will encompass western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee, and northern Georgia.


When you return from your hike up the stairs, drive up the mountain on the road to the right of the Ten Commandments. There, you will find plenty of parking behind the New Testament Marker. Take a few minutes and enjoy the view. You will also find two monuments on the left side of the road just past the parking lot that give testimony to the The Good Shepherd and and the Twenty-Third Psalm.


As you continue your drive up Burger Mountain, you will encounter another beautiful sight: The All Nations Cross. The All Nations Cross is symbolic of the cross of Christ. It is one of the largest of its kind in the world and can be viewed from several thousand feet in the air. It is one hundred fifty feet long and one hundred fifteen feet wide. When the Church of God of Prophecy begins to function as an organized church in a new country of the world, a special ceremony is held and the national flag of that particular country is raised to take its place among the other national flags. There are 86 flag poles on the All Nations Cross. At the present time, The Church of God of Prophecy has an active ministry in 140 nations around the world. It has become necessary to rotate the flags of the countries, so if your flag is not present, it probably will be the next time you visit.


Across the drive from the All Nations Cross are two park benches that mark the trail head for the most difficult of the Old Timers Trails. If you choose to walk the nature trail through the woods, you will find that the trail leads back down the mountain to the back side of the Cafe and Gift Shop. As you follow the road down the mountain for the All Nations Cross, you will notice a large grassy clearing that leads to an additional two trails that connect with the Old Timers Trail. These two trails, while still a significant hike, are much less strenuous than the trail beginning at the top of the mountain. All the trails connect and end just behind the Gift Shop and Cafe. Please note that the trail is minimally improved to preserve as much of the natural setting as possible. Wildlife is common and visitors are cautioned not to approach any animal that is encountered on the trails.