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What Do These Stones Mean?

So, why is this place here? What is its significance? Why do we continue to maintain it?

GroupThese are excellent questions, and many wonder these things when they first drive up to the entrance. There is no power in these stones. They are not magical or miraculous. But they are, as they’ve been dubbed, MARKERS. What do they mark? They mark the faithfulness of God throughout the ages.

To understand where you’re going, you had better understand where you’ve been. These markers help us remember where we’ve been. The Church does not belong to us, it belongs to God. We are a part of a greater movement, a worldwide body of Christ that has thrived through the ages.

These stones speak of God’s faithfulness through the ages. He was with Moses on Mt. Sinai, He walked the face of the earth as Jesus died and rose again for our sins. He was with A.J. Tomlinson, and countless others during the early 20th century, as the power of Pentecost was, and continues to be, poured out over the whole earth. This piece of land serves to remind all of us of God’s faithfulness. And as He was faithful to so many over thousands of years, He will also be faithful to you, now, TODAY. So, as you see these markers, let your faith be built up.

If you have a need, pray to God. Remember His faithfulness, and allow His faithful history to build your faith for tomorrow. And if you don’t know Jesus, or you’ve been running from Jesus, stop and get to know Him. You won’t regret it.

What do these stones mean? They mean God was faithful, God is faithful, and God will be faithful.