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Fields of the Wood is a biblical theme park encompassing more than two hundred acres of beautiful valleys, mountains, streams, and wooded areas. Concrete markers are placed throughout the park depicting the Bible on stones in one of the most unique ways found anywhere in the world. As you enter the park through what is known as the south gate, you will notice three symbols from the Church of God of Prophecy flag that adorn the arch: the scepter representing authority, the star representing guiding light, and the crown of life. You may also notice that the Jewish tribe names of Simeon, Reuben, and Gad are recessed in the structural post in marble.

As you continue your drive into the park, you will notice several beautiful features on your left. The Arise Shine marker, the Psalms of Praise, a Baptismal Pool and the Garden Tomb dominate the lower portion of the mountain.



The Arise Shine marker identifies the location where the work of restoration of the Church of God continued in the early part of the twentieth century. The large spherical stone at the top of the marker bearing the name “The Church of God” represents the Church that Jesus purchased with His own blood. The stones bearing the names of the apostles, prophets, and Jesus Christ represent the foundation of the Church, upon which foundation we are continuing to build today. From the next four tables, Paul and James speak through the New Testament revealing to us “The Vision,” “The Foundation,’’“The Falling Away’ and “The Return of the Church.” The three large tables at the bottom are prophecies of the Church: where it was founded and arose, the flag, and the Dark Age period.



At the foot of Prayer Mountain sits the Baptismal Pool. This beautiful structure was the second project launched at Fields of the Wood. It is twenty-nine feet in length, fourteen feet wide, and five feet deep. Two marble and concrete markers stand guard at both ends of the pool declaring and explaining the need and importance of baptism.



As you look to the right of the Baptismal Pool, your eyes will immediately be drawn to the replica of the Garden Tomb that belonged to Joseph of Arimathea who claimed the body of Jesus and buried Him in his personal tomb. The significance of the tomb is not that Jesus was buried there, but as a reminder that He was resurrected and that the tomb could not hold Him down.

Fields of the Wood directors, after careful study of the tomb and garden in Jerusalem, designed and constructed this replica. It was their aim to present in stone God’s Word concerning Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Engraved on marble plaques in the area of the tomb is the spiritual life one can enjoy in knowing the resurrected Christ.

The tomb is constructed of mountain stone and is thirty- six and one-half feet long with a thirty-three foot wing on either side. Inside is a room eight feet long and seven feet six inches high.

Immediately to the right of the Garden Tomb is a replica of Golgotha Hill with a representation of the three crosses used at the crucifixion of Jesus and the two thieves who died on either side of Him.