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Fields of the Wood is also host to three additional, significant monuments not located directly in the park.


The First Assembly House, where the first General Assembly of the Church of God took place on January 26-27, 1906, is located approximately one-half mile from the main entrance on River Road. As you leave the front gate, turn right and travel one quarter mile to the sign “Historical Markers” and turn right on River Hill Road. The house is located one quarter mile on the left with adequate parking for visitors.

The first Assembly was held in the home of J.C. Murphy, one of the founding members of the Church of God. The room in which the assembly was held is still in its original condition with the exception of the floor. The signs that are hanging are signs that A.J. Tomlinson, first General Overseer of the Church of God, made and carried with him to revivals he preached.

A commemorative service, free and open to the public, is held every January on this site to remember that early meeting. Groups may enter the First Assembly House by making an appointment with the Fields of the Wood staff.


After leaving the First Assembly House, continue to follow River Hill Road to the second site approximately one-half mile on the right. This is the former site of the Old Schearer School House. There is a large billboard that displays a picture of the school house, which is the original site of the first Holy Ghost revival to be held in the United States beginning in 1896.


After the revival at the Shearer School House began, the Kilpatrick family donated land just across the road (which now contains the Holy Ghost Marker) to build the church that would house the fledgling group known as the Holiness Church at Camp Creek. This church would later become known as the Church of God. It was during this revival that more than 100 souls received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues as recorded in Acts the second chapter.

As news about these people speaking in tongues began to spread through the community, several men came together for the purpose of driving “them devil worshipers” out of their county. The church was burned in an attempt to destroy the group. However, just as the scattering of the apostles in the New Testament resulted in the rapid expansion of the church, the burning of this church provided the same results.