Welcome to the World Language Department
The World Language Department serves the church with a worldwide team of translators committed to communicate the gospel message. This is done by applying principles of cultural competence during the translation process, to convey the ideas and thoughts intended in the source documents.

Mission Statement
Nehemiah 8:8 states, “Giving sense to the word and causing them to understand.” This is to be achieved by applying the principles of cultural competence in communicating the gospel and our messages at a skill level that is conversational and respectful of culture.

Ministry Goals
To have a core set of literature in every language for:

  • Discipleship through Sunday School and the White Wing Messenger to establish them in the faith.
  • Training, through Leadership and Development Materials to help them “Feed the flock of God.”
  • Church Administration in order to be able to give an account of our stewardship to the Lord. Because “it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful” (1 Corinthians 4:2).
  • The development of a literacy project through which we can empower the illiterate to read the Word and equip them with the tools to evangelize, disciple, train and be good stewards.