The Communications Department exists to facilitate relationships between the International Offices and the greater Church of God of Prophecy.  This department synergizes using the resources of the Art, Editorial, Social Media, and Graphic/Media departments. The White Wing Messenger and its Spanish and French language versions are primary publications of this department. 

To support the vision and mission of the Church of God of Prophecy and the ministries of the International Office by providing creative and professional resources, utilizing the most effective means of communications.

Committed To…

  • Communicating the mission and vision of the Church of God of Prophecy International Offices
  • Expressing all communication in the context of the church’s strategic values of harvest, prayer, and leadership development
  • Creative relevance, using every available tool to communicate our message
  • High standards of excellence
  • Integrity in our work ethic, words, actions, and relationships
  • Express an apparent love for this movement

Editorial Department

The Editorial Department is a Service Department of the Church of God of Prophecy International Offices. We work with the various departments to ensure that their particular documents have a professional appearance.

Along with the work for the departments, we also work on various projects throughout the year. One of our main tasks is the production of the White Wing Messenger on a monthly basis. We also work on such projects as the Assembly Minutes, Biblical Principles, Beliefs, and Practices brochure, Sunday School Curriculum, etc.

Though this is not all inclusive of what we do, this gives you an idea of our scope of work.