Materials: Small ball or piece of paper for each child

Preparation: If you do not have a ball for each child, make several out of paper.

Presentation: Say, What do you think will happen when I toss this ball up into the air? Allow children to answer and ask each child to toss the ball into the air.

Every single one of our balls came back down after we tossed them into the air. What will happen if we do it again?  Allow children to answer and then repeat tossing the balls into the air. How did you know that the balls would come back down again? Is it because of some law or rule? Allow children to answer. Yes, everything that goes up must come down. That is the law of gravity.

Did you know that God has laws concerning our trust in Him? We can trust God because He promises to help us during times of trouble. Today we will talk about Paul. He knew about the law of trust. He trusted God during trouble, and God helped him.


Invite your child into a time of worship, you might sing familiar songs of praise or use your own CD, album, or media player. A number of worship songs are available through online sources like Youtube and can be played through your computer, tablet, or mobile device. The following songs might be familiar and correspond with this weeks lesson:

Materials: Poster board, markers or crayons, paper

Preparation: Write Psalm 46:1 on a piece of poster board.

Write “Refuge” on a piece of paper.  Attach the paper to one end of the room.

Explanation: Read Psalm 46:1 with the children.  Say: This verse tells us that God will be three things for us when we are in trouble. Can someone circle these words? Allow a child to circle the words “refuge,” “strength,” and “help.”  You are probably familiar with the words strength and help, but does anyone know what the word “refuge” means? Allow children to answer.  A refuge is a place you can go when you are in trouble.  It can also be a person you go to for help. When you have having a bad day, your refuge might be your house.  Your refuge could also be talking to your mom or dad.  This verse tells us that when we are in trouble, our refuge is God.  When can go to Him for strength and help when we are in trouble.

Materials: Paper, markers or crayons, 2 small coins, Bible

Read and study Acts 27.

Draw pictures of the Bible story to use as visual aids while telling the story. 

Ask your child to make the sound of thunder by stomping their feet on the ground, to make the sound of wind by blowing with their mouths, and to make the sound of rain by snapping their fingers.  Have all of the groups practice individually and together until they sound like a storm.  Instruct them to make their sounds any time a storm is mentioned in the story. 

Say: Paul was chosen by God to be a missionary. He obeyed God and traveled to each country where the Holy Spirit directed him to go. Many things happened to Paul in the places where he went to preach about Jesus. One day, Paul made a list of the things that had happened to him. Listen to these verses in order to know what those things were. Read 2 Corinthians 11:24, 25 with the children. Write on a blank sheet of paper each of the things they discovered Paul experienced.

In each of these situations, God was with Paul because Paul trusted Him. Today we will discover the wonderful miracles performed by God after something terrifying happened to Paul.

At this point in Paul’s life, he had been arrested for preaching about Jesus and was being guarded by Roman soldiers. Paul, along with other prisoners and the guards, was traveling on a ship to Rome. In Rome, Paul would be judged by Caesar, the ruler.

Winter was approaching and traveling by ship was very dangerous. But the Roman captain wanted to return to Rome. Paul warned him, “This trip will be very dangerous. If you set sail, there will problems.”

But the captain decided that the ship would continue its journey to Rome. They were not far from port when a strong STORM came upon them. Enormous waves rocked the ship. Those traveling on the ship could not see the sun or stars for many days.

One morning as the STORM continued, Paul told the captain, “If you had paid attention to me, this wouldn’t have happened, but don’t be afraid. The angel of God told me last night that we will lose the ship but not our lives.”

The STORM continued for two more weeks. Then one night, the sailors discovered they were near land. Some of them had decided to abandon ship before it was destroyed by the rocks along the shore. Paul knew what they were planning. He told the Roman captain, “No one will be saved unless they stay on the ship.” This time, the captain listened and everyone stayed on the ship.

When morning came, those onboard were able to see dry land. As the boat approached the land, it hit a sandbar and could not get any closer to land.  The Roman soldiers were afraid that the prisoners would jump into the water and escape.

“Let’s kill these prisoners before they get away,” said one of the Roman soldiers.

The Roman captain wanted to save Paul, so he said, “No. They all must swim to shore.” So everyone on the ship jumped into the water. Some swam to the shore. Others found pieces of wood and floated on them until they reached the shore. None of the 276 people that were onboard perished or escaped. God protected Paul and all who were in the boat because Paul trusted in God and obeyed Him.

Say:  Paul faced two types of trouble in this story.  He was being held as a prisoner, and his boat was in a huge storm.  In both situations, Paul trusted God, and God helped him.

Materials: Paper, marker or crayon, basket

Learning Activity: Game, “Trouble Balls”

Write the word, “God” on a piece of paper and attach it to a basket.

Say: Children can experience different types of trouble.  Let’s make a list of troubles on this piece of paper. Write children’s suggestions on a large piece paper. Their answers should include storms, family problems, sickness, bullies, difficulties at school, etc.  When we experience trouble, we can trust God to help us just like He helped Paul.  Tear the paper into enough pieces for each child to have one and ask them to it crumple into a ball.  Have a contest to see if children can throw their balls into the “God” basket.  As each paper is thrown into the basket, say, “I can trust God when I am in trouble.”

Materials: Paper, pencils, “God” basket from the application activity

Preparation: None

Presentation: Say, You may be experiencing some trouble in your life right now. You may also have a friend or family member that is experiencing trouble. Encourage children to write those troubles on a piece of paper and then give them to God by putting the paper in the God basket. 
Say a prayer together telling God that you will trust Him when you are in trouble.