April 21, 2020


Teaching Kids Theology
Presenter: Julia Ball

5 Invitations to Become a Relational Children’s Ministry
Presenter: Dan Lovaglia

The Prayer Covenant for Children
Presenter: Candy Marballi

March 17, 2020


Are We There Yet? Joining Kids on the Journey of Discipleship
Presenter: Joy Hensley

4 Ways to Partner with Parents
Presenter: Matt Morgan

Leadership Trends & Transitions
Presenter: Dr. Shelly Melia, PhD

February 18, 2020


Ministry to Children in the Altar
Presenter: Lance Colkmire

Teaching Kids to Serve
Presenter: Michelle Brooks-Young

Developing A Family Ministry
Presenter: Josh Mulvihill

January 21, 2020


Thriving Ministry in the Small Church
Presenter: Rick Chromey

Developing a Dynamic Leadership Team
Presenter: John Tasch

Teaching Children to Serve
Presenter: Beth Guckenberger

April 30, 2019
On Demand Video / Viewing Guide
How to Be a Better Teacher for Children – Dale Hudson
The Epidemic of Bullying – David Verdu and Amber Payne
Answering the Whys – Margaret Bryant

February 15, 2019
On Demand Video / Viewing Guide
Leading Difficult Conversation – Nick Blevins
Leading A Transformational CM – Dr. Shelly Melia
Developing a NextGen Strategy – Dr. Aileen Reid

October 23, 2018
On Demand Video / Viewing Guide
Engaging, Equipping, and Keeping Those 10-12 Year Olds – Melissa MacDonald
Know Your Rights, Using Media in Ministry – Ryan Green
Becoming a Children’s Pastor Who Serves the WHOLE Church – Joy Hensley

September 25, 2018
On Demand Video / Viewing Guide
How Should the Church Respond to Culture – Brian Dollar
Shine the Light Through Special Events – Melissa Minter
Children’s Church of Children in the Church – Trey Nini

April 10, 2018
On Demand Video
Making Your KidMin New Family Friendly – David Rauch
5 Measures of a Healthy Children’s Ministry – Nick Blevins
Hope for Lost Kids – Roberts Tabernacle Ministry Team

February 27, 2018
On Demand Video
Hiding God’s Word in My Heart – Tina Houser
Helping Families in Crisis – Dr. Shelly Melia
Taming the Tech Monster – Darren Schalk

October 27, 2017
On Demand Video
Bite-size Tips for Large Group Learning – David Rauch
Instant and Free – Tina Houser
10 Principles for Teaching Like Jesus – Dr. LaVerne Tolbert

May 9, 2017
On Demand Video
Characters in Children’s Ministry – Chris Knipp
Big Church, Small Church… We All Need Volunteers – Aileen Reid
We Need to Talk: Sticky Conversations in Children’s Ministry – Shaun McKinley

April 27, 2017
On Demand Video
Ministry to Special Needs Children

November 15, 2016
On Demand Video
The Art of the Story – Melissa MacDonald
What Does a Pastor Expect from a Children’s Pastor? – Brian Sutton
What is a Disciple? – Chris Quinn

October 25, 2016
On Demand Video
What I Learned from Bob the Tomato – Phil Vischer
God’s Plan is Families – Cindy Hunnicutt
Longevity in Children’s Ministry – Cathy Baggerly

September 27, 2016
On Demand Video
DIY Props and Backdrops on a Shoestring Budget – Joe McCullough
Helping Kids Develop a Biblical World View – Melissa Minter
Hindsight is 20/20, But Foresight Determines Direction – Ryan Green

May 24, 2016
3 Keys to Offering First-Time Families a Great Experience – Dale Hudson
More than Gifts:  Appreciating Your Volunteers – Sandy Knowles
Ministering to Kids with ADHD – Kim Batson

March 15, 2016
Unifying Church and Home – Michelle Anthony
Praise and Worship That Rocks – Yancy
Children’s Ministry in a Small Church – Shaun McKinley

January 26, 2016
How To Lead Kids Through Life’s Tough Topic – Brian Dollar
Preparing a Great Sermon for Kids – Melissa Minter
Helping Your Church Love and Serve Outreach Kids – Karrie Endecott