Christmas Nativity Scene

In the hustle and bustle of the season, sometimes we get so busy crafting and giving that we forget to teach the story of Jesus’ birth. Lots of magnificent details can easily be overlooked. Don’t forget to teach:

  • Jesus’ birth was planned long before He arrived! Teach your kids that He was indeed the fulfillment of a prophecy many years ago. Point to the passage in Isaiah and show them that it really was written ahead of time.
  • Mary and Joseph’s encounter with the Angel. Help children to see that what was happening truly was miraculous and how God revealed Himself to both of them separately.

Make the teaching special:

  • Have volunteers or church members dress up as specific characters and tell the story from their perspective.
  • Allow the children to ask questions. It really is quite the story, so they may have “how” and “why” questions that you can turn into teachable moments.
  • Set up figurines or plastic nativities for children to play with. They enjoy repetition and many times the story can be reinforced through play. Younger children, especially babies and preschoolers would appreciate this.

Have children create their own characters using clothespins and felt. They can then take the story home and share with their family.

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