No child is ever too young to pray. If they can talk, they can pray! I remember one particular day when my daughter was very young, and I had a headache. My husband and I mentioned that I needed God to heal me. She reached over and touched my head and said, “Jesus, mommy’s head.”  God knew exactly what she was saying, and it wasn’t even a complete sentence!

It can be difficult for preschool children to know what to pray if they haven’t had anyone model prayer for them.  To help, create sets of picture prayer cards.  On each card, glue a picture of something or someone to guide their prayers.

Types of Prayer Cards

Thank You Prayer Cards: Each card has a picture of something for which you can thank God (flowers, trees, house, etc.).

Request Prayer Cards: Each card has a picture of something/someone who needs God’s help. (bandaid for healing, pictures of moms, dads, friends, pastor, Sunday school teacher, policeman, missionaries, etc.)

When it is time for prayer, ask a child to choose a card and pray using the picture as a prayer prompt.


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