Is your room laid out in a way that allows you to care for children as well as teach them?  Consider developing specific zones or areas  in the nursery.

  • A play zone allows toddlers to move from one activity to another with access to toys, books, and play equipment. Interact with children as they play, reminding them of God’s love and the Bible.  For example, if they are playing with dolls, talk about how God gives us families to take care of us.  Provide books that emphasize biblical concepts and Bible stories.
  • A rest/work zone is used for caring for the needs of infants and toddlers. This area includes rockers, places for sleeping children to rest, changing table, and sink.
  • A teaching zone could include tables and chairs, carpet squares, or a large rug where children know they will hear a short lesson, finger play, or Bible story about God.

Diaper Bags and Name Tags

When babies arrive in the church nursery, it is important to identify which diaper bag belongs with which baby. One way this can be done is by placing an identification tag on the diaper bag when the baby arrives. You might also provide permanent identification tags for children who attend regularly. On one side of the tag you place your church name, address, phone number and logo. On the other side of the tag, you can write the baby’s important information: name, address, parent’s name, parent’s contact number, allergies, etc.

Also, If your nursery volunteers will rotate during the morning, possibly between Sunday school and morning worship, it is important that everyone be able to identify visiting children.  One way to do this is to place a name tag on the child’s back.

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