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Children often become focused on the needs in their own lives or the lives of those they know.  Consider starting a “Prayer Spotlight” each week or month to help them shift their focus.  Below are some ideas to get you started.

Missions Spotlight:  Display a world map.  Each week highlight a particular country/people group and their needs.  If possible, show children pictures of the country.  Place a large dot on the target country, as well as the location of your community. Help children understand that although we might be separated by a large distance, God is not!

Government/Community Spotlight:  Obtain pictures of your government and community leaders.  Show children one picture during each spotlight time.  Share some personal details about the person and pray for them in their role as an authority figure.

Church Spotlight:  To help children know their church leaders better, invite Sunday school teachers, pastors, ushers, etc. to visit your class. Let them share a little about their job and how the children can pray for them. Invite the kids to stand in a circle around this person and pray for them.


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