Prayer journals are a great tool to give to children to encourage them to pray at home.  However, they may be unsure how to write/draw their prayers, even if you give them a journal. Model how to use the prayer journal by having some quiet prayer time at church.  Spend a few minute each week teaching children a different type of prayer (thanks, confession, intercession, etc.). After teaching time, allow children to take their journals and pencils/crayons to different areas of the room. Play quiet worship music as they write/draw the type of prayer they learned in the teaching. When everyone is finished, invite them to share with the class.  Repeat this activity for several weeks until you are confident the children understand how to use the prayer journals.  You can then begin sending a journal home for them to use. This can be as simple as a few pieces of paper stapled together or a notebook you purchase at a store.  Ask the children to write or draw a prayer to God every day.

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