Pastoring Kids Presented in Nashville

On January 12, 2019, International Children’s Ministries presented our one-day training intensive, “Pastoring Kids” in Nashville, Tennessee. Kim Batson, the state’s children’s ministries director, hosted the event which was attended by 88 participants from churches across the state, in addition to two participants traveling from the neighboring state of Kentucky. 

The training included a time of spiritual formation where participants were encouraged to evaluate their own “heart attitudes” toward their ministries and the children they serve. Practical workshops were presented on the topics of shepherding techniques for children’s ministers, ministry to children in a multiage classroom, as well as how to involve parents in the faith formation of their children. A workshop on engaging postmodern kids provided both theoretical and practical training, with the intensive concluding with a time of prayer for our children.

Participants were invited to contribute to the “Adopt Me” fundraiser being coordinated by Tennessee State Missions. This fundraiser is attempting to raise $32,000.00 dollars to fund the final Western Africa Institute of Children’s Ministry scheduled for May 2019.  As part of the fundraiser, individuals are asked to contribute $353.00 to fund one attendee to the African conference. Those in attendance of the Nashville one-day raised enough funds to sponsor two attendees.

The event was the largest attended training in Tennessee that has been done in collaboration with the International Office’s Children’s Ministries training team and the state director. We were also blessed to have a number of local church pastors attend with their teams.