Institute of Children’s Ministry in Paraguay

The Institute of Children’s Ministry in Paraguay was an amazing time of training and ministry. Participants developed discipleship plans for their ministries, learned creative ministry techniques, participated in times of prayer, and so much more. The grand finale of the Institute was a fiesta for the children of the community. The children’s ministers did a great job of promoting, decorating, welcoming, and feeding the kids and families. We love the commitment the children’s ministers and congregations have made to underprivileged, unchurched kids.

There were several young leaders who assisted Kathy in leading the institute. It was an honor for her to serve with these leaders who share a big vision of helping kids live an abundant life.

She was also privileged to visit the Dining Hall of one of our committed pastors who serve children. The children were the best–telling their names, giving hugs, and trying to teach their American visitor Guaranese (the native language of Paraguay).

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