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Did you know that the Czech Republic has one of the least religious populations in the world with 75% to 79%of people not declaring any religion or faith and the percentage of convinced atheists being third in the world. For generations the Czech people have been historically characterized as “indifferent towards religion”.

But in the city Frydek-Místek there is a Church of God of Prophecy congregation that recognizes the spiritual darkness surrounding their nation and community and they have resolved to SHINE.  They have begun a children’s outreach ministry that targets children living in a neighborhood where there is easy access to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

The children’s neighborhood outreach

  • Shares the good news of salvation through special events
  • Brings these children into the children’s Bible club, an ongoing discipleship program of the local church,
  • Involves the parents in the outreach events so they too can hear the news of the Gospel and connect with the local church
  • And provides medical assistance to the families as needed

Kids in your local church can help SHINE the light of the Gospel in a very dark place as they participate in this year’s Helping Hands for Kids Project.

SHINE will bring light to the spiritual darkness of this community and the Czech Republic as children pray and give.  SHINE will provide needed funds to reach more kids and families through these outreach events. SHINE will help kids in your ministry develop a heart for missions and a passion for sharing the “good news” with lost people.

Let the light of the Gospel SHINE through the kids in your ministry! Participate in this year’s Helping Hands for Kids project, SHINE.

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[text_output]HH4K is an international missions education program that gives kids an opportunity to be involved in “helping kids around the world know Jesus” through prayer and giving.

When we involve children in missions, we help disciple them by teaching them to care for and serve others. Each year, HH4K targets a project on one continent of the and invites children to join us as we help kids around the world know Jesus.

Over the last 10 years over $64,000.00 has been raised to impact kids’ lives for Jesus. Here’s how –[/text_output]

[stat_counter icon=”Defaults-money” icon_size=”50″ icon_color=”#2c3e50″ icon_style=”circle” icon_color_bg=”#99cc66″ icon_animation=”swing” counter_title=”Funds Raised in the Past 10 Years” counter_value=”64000.00″ counter_prefix=”$” speed=”45″ counter_color_txt=”#99cc66″ font_size_title=”14″ font_size_counter=”28″]


  • 2005 INDONESIA: Furnish a Kindergarten. Children’s offerings furnished a Christian kindergarten attended by neighborhood Muslim children in Batam, Indonesia.
  • 2006 KENYA: Good News for the Children of Kibera Slum. Children’s offerings helped fund an outreach project that fed and shared the Gospel message with the children of the Kibera slum.
  • 2007 BULGARIA: Community Bible Clubs. Children’s offerings allowed the national director, Danka Ivanova to travel throughout Bulgaria forming Bible clubs and ministry teams to lead these clubs. These Bible clubs are still being conducted.
  • 2008 GUATEMALA: Feeding Program for Children of Tecutalan, Guatemala. Children’s offerings funded a feeding program for one year that fed the children living in a local landfill. Each day the children also heard the message of the Gospel.
  • 2009 PERU: Mats for Camp. Children’s offerings provided mats for children to sleep on when attending camp at the Church of God of Prophecy national campground.



  • 2010 EGYPT: Furnishings for a Kindergarten. Families of the community are too poor to pay kindergarten fees. The local society (church) provides kindergarten for these children and shares the Gospel with them and their families.
  • 2011 BOTSWANA: Build a Shelter. Children’s offerings purchased supplies for local members to build shelters so that the children would have a place for their Sunday School classes and outreach events.
  • 2012 HAITI: Books for Kids. Children’s offerings purchase books for the orphanage library that was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake.
  • 2013 RWANDA: Bring the Children Home. Helping Hands for Kids partnered with One Child Fund to raise money to purchase furnishing for the sleeping rooms in the newly constructed orphanage so that orphaned children could return.
  • 2014 CENTRAL AMERICA: Walk with Jesus. Children’s offering helped provide local children’s ministers with discipleship training materials and supplies.



  • 2015 KENYA: From Vision to Reality. The newly established local church at Rongai Tuala sees how a kindergarten would bless the children of the community and provide an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel with the children and their families as well. Children’s offerings will furnish the kindergarten.
  • 2016 INDIA: REACH OUT! Within Bena Village, a remote village at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, lies the Grace Mission School and Orphanage. This year Helping Hands for Kids helped provide funding for the purchase of playground equipment for the 41 children living at the orphanage and the attending the mission school.
  • 2017 VENEZUELA: Do Your Part! Venezuela is a nation in great crisis! With the 2017 project we are able to help provide some essential supplies such as food, personal care items, clothing, and school supplies for the 100 Venezuelan pastors’ children. These basic supplies are costly and difficult to obtain due to high costs and a lack of supply. The nation is still in tremendous crisis and in need of our prayers and support.


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