For families who have never had devotions together, just the idea of starting may seem overwhelming. You can help ease the stress by providing a basic outline to parents.

Traditional Devotional Plan
• Pray together thanking God for who He is or what He has done for your family.
• Read a scripture, devotion book, or devotion activity
• Discuss your reading
• Ask for prayer requests. (Each family might consider keeping a prayer request notebook where they
can record prayers and God’s answers. This is a great way to build children’s faith.)
• Pray for needs

Mealtime Devotional Plan
• Pray for your food
• Eat. While you are eating, have a fun discussion question. For example, if you could meet any
person in the Bible, who would you choose and why?
• When you are finished eating, read a scripture, devotional book, or do a devotion activity
• Take prayer requests
• Pray for needs

Travel Devotional Plan
• Pray for safe travels.
• Listen to an audio resource, discuss something from the Bible together, or practice learning scripture
• Discuss your audio resource, scripture, etc.
• Take prayer requests
• Pray for needs

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