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Christmas is a wonderful time to step away from the normal pace of life and think about others. Whether you are a children’s minister or a parent, you can create windows of opportunity for kids to help other people. Here are a few simple ways kids can get involved in serving and giving to others during Christmas:

  • Sponsor a family in need. There are various organizations that churches and individuals can partner with to provide for those who may not be able to have all of their needs met at Christmas. Some churches may sponsor a family within the church. This should be done discreetly so that families and children do not experience shame or feelings of worthlessness if they are identified.
  • Connect with local children’s homes or children’s hospitals and inquire about the needs that families may be facing. They can provide you with clothing sizes, gift ideas, and simple ways you can provide comfort to kids who are facing tough situations.
  • Donating to charity or to a ministry is one way children can learn the value of giving. Your children’s ministry could raise money to give to children or missionaries overseas. (Check out the 2017 Helping Hands for Kids project and see how you can support Pastors’ Kids in Venezuela –
  • Throw a Christmas party for residents at a local nursing home. Many times, even around the holidays, residents are often forgotten and lonely. Contact the event coordinator and see what  is needed to throw a celebration and bring residents a little Christmas joy. Children can sing Christmas carols, play games, and even pass out homemade cards to the residents. Families may choose to pick one or two residents and focus on them if visiting together.

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