General Presbyter Offices Renew Partnership with CM for Third Year

The general presbyter offices of Central America, Mexico, and the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean, as well as South America, have agreed to renew a strategic partnership with International Children’s Ministries for a third year. Through this partnership, the position of a Spanish-Language Training Specialist remains fully funded for 2023.

Abigahil Avila, national director of Children’s Ministries for Honduras, will continue to serve in this role as the principal strategist and content developer of resources, training events, and community support initiatives. Avila will develop monthly blogs, podcasts, and webinars in the Spanish language for the ministry. She also hosts several live, online training sessions targeting specific nations throughout the year. In 2022, she traveled with International Children’s Ministries Director Dr. Shaun McKinley to provide training in Peru, Bolivia, Spain, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia.

“I believe that gratitude is the memory of the heart,” says Avila. “I have received many blessings during the past year, and it fills me with hope for what is to come.”

Avila’s plans for the coming year include webinars monthly webinars on the strategic priorities of Serving Children in Crisis, Child Discipleship, Leadership development, and Biblical Literacy. She also has new practical series that will be offered through blogs and podcasts to focus on team development, the spiritual development of children, and children and the sacraments, among other topics. Abi will also develop Spanish-language programming for the 2023 Institute of Children’s Ministry being held in November in Ridgecrest, North Carolina.

“I am very grateful to General Presbyter Ben Feliz and General Presbyter Gabriel Vidal for partnering with us in such a significant way,” said Dr. Shaun McKinley, international director. “Abi continues to lead with passion, understanding, and tremendous influence. We anticipate another year of expanded support for our leaders through Latin America and beyond because of their investment.”