The birth of a child is one of the most significant events in a family.  This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate family and help parents as they begin their journey to spiritually train their children. Consider having the nursery coordinator visit the hospital to welcome the new baby.  Other ways you could celebrate include:

  • Give parents a small gift, such as a onesie imprinted with the words “I’m the newest addition to (church name).”
  • Provide a resource packet to new parents. Include a Bible, new parent devotion book, and Bible storybook.
  • Have a bulletin board or frame outside of the church nursery to display pictures of new babies.

Baby Dedication

Too often, we view a baby dedication as a ceremony rather than a commitment.  Use this time to help parents and the congregation understand the significance of bringing their baby to God.

  • If you have several new parents, invite them to participate in a class prior to baby dedication. Share ideas and resources to help them create a plan to spiritually train their child.
  • Give parents a visual reminder of the day. This might be a special box, certificate, or Bible.  One creative idea is to fill a jar with 936 small objects.  Explain to parents that this is the number of weeks they have with their child until he turns 18.  Encourage them to remove one item each week as a reminder to use their time wisely to lead their children to know Jesus.

Match new parents with older parents in your congregation who can mentor them and offer encouragement and prayer for the new baby.

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