Easter Prayer Stations

Preparation: Create a small path for children to follow. You can use paper or masking tape to make the path. At the end of the path, place a large paper cross. (This works best if the path leads to a wall where you have taped the cross).


You can set up this prayer station to be adult-led or have children complete it independently.

Instructions for an adult-led station: Have an adult read the scripture to the children and then read the activity instructions. He can then guide children through the prayer station.

Instructions for an independent station: Create two signs to place at the beginning of the path. One sign will have the scripture written on it. The other sign will be the activity instructions.

Scripture: Luke 23:32-33, 39-43

Activity Instructions: Two thieves were crucified next to Jesus. One of them chose to believe in Jesus. The other man did not. Will you choose to believe in Jesus? If you choose to believe and follow Jesus, follow the path to the cross, and write your name on it. Take a moment to pray and thank him for dying for you.


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