Tear story

Use a simple piece of white paper to tell the story of Easter

Jesus was the Son of God, but God allowed him to come to earth as a baby and grow up into a man. As a man, he taught people about God and how much God loves them. (Figure 1)

Unfortunately, many people didn’t like the words that Jesus had to say. They did not believe he was God’s son, and they wanted to kill him. (Figure 2)

They found a way to bring Jesus before a judge who sentenced him to die on a cross. They did not realize that all of this was really part of God’s plan. (Figure 3)

All of the people of the world had a problem. They had sin in their life. Sin is when we disobey God, and sin must be punished. God can’t let sin into heaven, so if we have sin in our life we can’t get into heaven. The big problem is that we can’t take away our own sin. (Figure 4)

When Jesus died on the cross, he took the punishment for the sin of the entire world, even your sin. (Figure 5)

Even though Jesus took your punishment, in order to have him take away your sin, you have to thank Him for dying on the cross for you,(Tear down the middle, starting at the bottom. Figure 6) and ask him forgive you of your sins. (Figure 7)

When you do this…

(Arrange the left over pieces of paper to spell out the word, “Life.” Figure 8)

Jesus takes away your sin and gives you eternal life! Eternal life means that when your life on earth is finished, you will go to heaven and live with God forever! The most awesome news is that Jesus did not stay dead. On Easter Sunday, he came out of the tomb where they had buried him. He is alive! You can meet him in heaven one day, and that is the reason we celebrate Jesus on Easter!

Figure 1Figure 1
Figure 2Figure 2
Figure 3Figure 3
Figure 4Figure 4
Figure 5Figure 5
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