COGOP Gambia Highlights Children Ministry

Recently Children’s Ministries was highlighted in the newsletter for the Church of God of Prophecy in The Gambia. You may download the full newsletter here. Below are excerpts concerning an urgent fundraising need for the children’s ministry in the nation.

“What you may see as an inconvenience, God sees as a divine appointment” said Minister Kim Batson, Children’s Ministries director for the state of Tennessee. We are thankful to God who made it possible for the unexpected landing, that provided the opportunity for Bishop Shaun McKinley, Minister Michelle Brooks-Young, and Minister Kim Batson to visit the Church of God of Prophecy in The Gambia. We are deeply honored to have you visit our church facility. This affords us the opportunity to share our vision and the incredible opportunities that lie ahead for the work in the Gambia.

The high points of COGOP Gambia greatest achievement is the ever-growing numbers of children that regularly attends all our services. The children’s department records an average of 50-60 children on a regular Sunday. This numbers grows to 250-300 children whenever we have a special service for the children. Unfortunately, the children hall is still under construction and at the decking stage.

Meanwhile, on every Sunday, 50-60 children pack into this unfinished area with no shelter from the sun and the rain. An immediate need is to do the decking to provide shade for our children. and complete the decking stage of the ongoing church building project. The church still needs around $35,000.00 to complete the second phase.

Thank you for your continuous prayers for available funds as we move on to the next level which is the decking. Your generous donation will be of help to us to achieve the second phase of this project which is very important asset to our church in the Gambia. We need the support of our members, churches, as well as the benevolence of corporate bodies and individuals to help us to achieve this.

Please, you can support us by sending your donations to Church of God of Prophecy International Offices.
Global Missions Department
P O Box 2910
3720 Keith Street NW
Cleveland, TN 37320-2910
Phone: (423) 559-5203

Please designate your donation as Harvest Partners Level Two, COGOP Gambia Church Building Project.

Thanks for your help. God bless you. Sincerely yours in the Lord,
Rev Chris Uti
National Overseer COGOP Gambia