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Recognizing the vital importance of sound doctrine and practices within ministries to children, the Child Discipleship Forum (CDF) was founded in 2021 to bring together children’s ministry and next-gen ministry leaders to discuss building resilient faith in this generation of children. Each forum brings together leading voices to discuss how to mold young believers into devoted followers of Jesus, capable of living out the Gospel with a blend of grace and truth, particularly in a world marked by hostility and compromise. Discussions center around the Gospel, community, apologetics, culture, discipleship practices, and interviews with experts.

At the 2023 CDF, held in September in Nashville, Tennessee, International Director of Children’s Ministries Dr. Shaun McKinley was invited to speak as part of a panel discussion on engaging parents in this effort, as well as how children’s ministries are serving kids who have experienced trauma. The Forum was attended by 600 leaders, publishers, and practitioners, with an additional 5,000 participating online.