Summer is the perfect time to help children develop Bible study, scripture memory, and prayer habits that can continue into the school year. Make this easy for children by providing them with study tools. You might also have a celebration at the end of the summer for children who have met a certain goal. Teach children how to pray for their community by organizing prayer walks. Walk around your neighborhood and pray for the homes, schools, and businesses you pass. By partnering children and adults during this event, you can both teach and model the importance of prayer. Check out the link below for a simple prayer walk idea to get started.

Summer is also a great time to encourage parents to begin having regular family devotions. Give parents resources and different options to help them choose the type of Bible study that works for their family. Include Bible storybook suggestions for families with young children, outdoor devotions for the active family, and even movie discussion guides for the family that loves screen time!

Simple Prayer Walk

Bible Reading Plans for Kids

Summer Family Devotions


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