Before you realize it, summer will come to an end. Plan a back to school event to celebrate the fun of summer and help kids anticipate a new school year.

Blessing of the Backpacks

Ask children to bring their backpacks to church (or provide backpacks to children who cannot afford them) the Sunday before school starts. Have the congregation say a prayer of protection and blessing for the children who will wear them.

Blessing of the Backpack Tag

Instead of using actual backpacks, prepare a backpack tag for each child. Pray for the children and give each child a tag to attach to their backpack for the coming year. You can download a sample tag below.

Backpack Tags

Back to School Day

Invite children to the church for a picnic. Provide outdoor games and activities for families. You might consider offering free haircuts and/or school supplies as an outreach option.

Adopt a Child

Children thrive in churches where adults are praying for them. Ask the adults in your congregation to pick one particular child to adopt for the school year. Provide the adult with the picture of the child as a reminder to remember them in prayer.


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