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The following report was submitted to Global Missions Ministries from our missionaries in Siberia:

Image 06-265x229-20160517-204902-15368-UMK-UMD-JPEG-2000Greetings to you from the Ural Mountains of Russia. Thank you for your support of our ministry in prayer and finances. We pray that God would bless each and every one of you and fill your houses and churches with abundant blessings from heaven!

We are not having the easiest of times right now. As you know, our church does not own its own building. For the last five years we have been renting from a Methodist church to hold our services. One month ago the Methodist church unilaterally cancelled our rent contract. For some time now, we have not had a place where we could gather together for prayer services and fellowship. Thank you to everyone that prayed for a church building in order for us to have our regular services.

Image 04-361x294-20160517-204902-24529-UMK-UMD-JPEG-2000Thanks be to God as we have found a temporary place and we already have had a service in that place. I ask you to continue to pray that God would help us find a better location because the new building is located on the other side of the city, about 30 minutes away, from the previous location where we used to gather. Because of this, some people are not attending at the new location and we are losing, especially, new believers. Pray for God to keep everyone together. Also, this new building is twice as expensive and it is financially challenging for the church. We are believing that God will gift us with our own church building. Please pray for it…

Image 08-312x283-20160517-204902-20920-UMK-UMD-JPEG-2000The week before Easter, our church in Yekaterinburg, spent 5 days in prayer and fasting. We prayed for a renewal and movement of the Holy Spirit. The 1st of May, in Russia, we had Easter. At our Easter service we had a lot of people in attendance even though it was our last service in the Methodist church building. We witnessed the hand of God! Seven people received Jesus, some received healing, and many received a renewal in the Holy Spirit! 

God Bless you & thank you again for your generosity and support! We will be excited to see you at the Assembly this year. 

With love, Dmitry, Irena, Paul and Melanie Kavaleuski 

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