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March 2023 Update

During the COVID pandemic, many of the Asian nations were shut down completely to international travel with internal lockdowns on their citizens. Since reopening, our overseers and pastors have shown a great eagerness to go back to work for our Lord and his kingdom. One area of hunger is for learning and training. Fortunately, our Leadership Development Department never missed a beat during the pandemic but continued to write and expand material for ministerial training. In Asia, we are holding seminars in three-day segments for this purpose. As of this past December, ministerial development seminars have been conducted in Indonesia, Samoa, and Nepal. India, Malaysia, and the Philippines are scheduled for the spring. These classes have been well received, and lives have been changed. I have witnessed streams of tears running down some of the faces of these men and women who are so eager to learn more about the Lord and his work. This has been particularly true on the lesson regarding the family and how husbands and wives are to treat one another in a Christian marriage. Thank you for your prayers and support of Asia, Australia, and Oceania.

While conducting the LDD in Indonesia, we stopped by to visit children in one of our orphanages.

This picture is during one of the night services of LDD in Indonesia.

Indonesia is made up of hundreds of islands. It is expensive for our pastors to travel so we conducted three seminars on separate islands. We had more than 100 attend, but this picture was taken of the seminar attendees on the island of Surabaya.

This picture was of the Nepal LDD. Several of these individuals had never been to the city of Katmandu before. Some of them walked for many hours out of the mountains, and then took motorcycles and buses to join the classes. It was a great time of teaching, and the fellowship was wonderful.

We rented a Catholic facility to hold the classes and to house and feed the pastors.

Tim McCaleb, DMin

Tim McCaleb, DMin

Asia, Australia, and Oceania General Presbyter

As published in the March 2023 issue of the White Wing Messenger