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The steering committee responsible for raising funds to support the International Assembly Expenses would like to personally thank you and your local church for your spirit of giving to the 2018 International Assembly. Because of your efforts, the Assembly adjourned with expenses completely paid in full!

Your support allows us to rejoice together in a location large enough for 5,000 of our members, families, and friends to fit comfortably. Together, we can make a difference for the 2020 International Assembly too!

The 2014 International Assembly approved the formation of this committee with the intent to organize an expense offering to be received in every local church the third Sunday of January each year. Each committee member works with their respective General Presbyter and leadership to ensure this offering is received.

The offering target for the 2020 International Assembly Expense Fund is $600,000.00 USD. Within one year, we received approximately $344,000.00 USD for the 2018 IA. We believe that our churches will certainly rise to the occasion of doubling the offering with this two-year window.

The committee also believes that reaching the new goal will show good faith towards the target of $1 million to fully self-fund Assemblies in the future. “If 10% of our membership gives $5 per year for two years, that’s $1.5 million USD. We simply need the focus, commitment and accountability.”


Nathaniel Beneby, Committee Chairman

“My ultimate desire is for the Assembly expense offering to become a part of our culture of giving. I’m convinced that as we advance our fourth core value [of] Stewardship, this will help us in a very meaningful way. And, I’m excited to see the increased level of faith giving in our fellowship as evident from recent demonstrations of giving. God is doing a new thing amongst us. Thank the Lord.”

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